Have you thought about it? The cringing years of retirement doing absolutely nothing but sitting outside the farm or in the house as you wait for dividends or NSSF, going down memory lane of the good old times and the crazy moments of being legally aged. Now your young self, right now, must be thinking, “There is no way I’ll be a couch potato.” But what if that’s what reality has planned for you?

We try to fight such concepts by buying land, and farming and keeping any domestic animals that seem profitable at the time. But what if that’s not your thing? What if Nairobi life is the only life for you?

We never seem to plan those moments, because they look far and depressing to some people, and yet when it hit us…we have the money and the time but there’s no work to keep our minds pre-occupied. In no time, we fall into some kind of depression, or what people call ‘mid-life crises’. Now I’m no expert on how people handle this without a plan. But I do know a thing or two.

The reason why this is a crucial talk is because it affects even the people around you, I’m talking about the depression you get when you realize that your “future succession plan” was a bust, the doubt of your love life and life partner, the boredom of the same old routine with the same people, the fear of the unknown (future), and worst of all the rise/increase of impulsive decision making.

One minute your wife/husband is the best thing that has happened to you, the next, you despise them, and you ‘feel the love’ no more. And you make a stupid impulse move of cheating/divorcing, then later regretting the whole move.

I honestly believe that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Think about it… some of these symptoms are amplified by having a lot of free time to think about how lame your life is, when it’s farfetched from the truth, or worse of, looking into other people’s life’s and comparing their success to yours. Jeeez…your success is different in terms of its extent, timeline and nature. Avoid such nonsense and appreciate how far you’ve gone for the last 3-5 years.

So what do people do in their midlife crisis? There’s a lot that you can do, why not try something new! Make a Bucket List of what you would like to do that’s within your capacity. If it’s volunteering, being a lecturer, traveling, doing a hobby you love doing and don’t forget to share this with YOUR PARTNER and FAMILY. You’re not alone in this, and once you acknowledge that you feel like your life sucks and you haven’t accomplished anything significant. Then it’s one step closer to getting your life back to normal.

Finally, don’t act irrationally or emotionally with no clarity of the truth or with negative/positive emotions that blind the truth. If you feel you’re falling short of something even in business when profits aren’t booming as they used to or your relationship isn’t heated as it used to…the FIX IT! Don’t get into a new business that you have no/little experience and leave something you’ve been doing for more than years… there’s always room for innovation.

But hey…. I would love to hear your voice on this interesting topic…keep me updated.


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