Healthy Eating

If you are the kind of person who walks to the refrigerator every other hour of the day to get frozen yoghurt or a chocolate bar or you are in the habit of stashing snacks in your cabinets this article is for you. Well, it’s not bad to snack once in a while; it’s very human to crave a little junk from time to time but when it becomes a habit, then that would be risking your health. They say you are what you eat, actually this phrase is the most practical way to tell what a person eats by their physical appearance save for a few extremes caused by health complications.

Feeding is very crucial to a person’s health. You can change so much within yourself by just what you eat. Here are some tips of healthy eating:

1. Only eat at designated times
Many times people tend to eat haphazardly, yes I said it. It’s important you train your mind and body to only eat at the designated eating times. This way you avoid building up fat in your body which make you put on unnecessary weight.

2. Eat the right portions

Eating at designated eating times is not enough if you are not eating the right portions. Stop overeating it’s not healthy to eat too much food, that’s gluttony! Slow down on pilling that plate. First of all, eating too much makes your stomach bigger this is because your stomach lining expands, the more you eat the more it grows bigger and as time passes by fat is deposited on your stomach area that’s why you get a sagging belly, because you are consuming so much that your body cannot utilize and release hence fat is deposited in your muscle areas around the body.

Second, your body requires a specific amount of food from which it generates energy. When you have eaten too much, the excess becomes waste which ends up again being converted to fat which not only leads to weight gain but also to health complications.

3. Eat a balanced diet
All the time, we are told about the importance of a balanced diet. The three basic food groups; proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins are all important in the growth, repair and energy giving of our bodies. Too much of one, especially proteins can bring reparations to the body. It is important to keep it balanced for good health.

4. Eat healthy snacks
Instead of snacking on unhealthy stuff choose something with health benefits that will enhance your body. Let us say instead of a bag of chips, mixed nuts are healthier, they contain natural oils which are better than those of fried chips. Popcorns, and bone sweets are good too, natural yoghurt as well but not the frozen one that comes with all kind of sugars in them; maybe once in a while.

Another tip when it comes to snacks, have them in between meals helps you eat less and control your eating by maintaining a relatively even blood sugar level.

5. Eat fruits earlier on in the day/ in little amounts
Fruits are best eaten earlier on in the day for instance, eat at breakfast, helps you start your day with all the energy you need.

Yes, fruits are healthy no debate about that but what people don’t know is that fruits eaten later on in the day in large amounts can actually be a health hazard. This is because fruits have so much sugars which are transformed into energy. Let us say at night you have a bowl of fruit salad but all you will be doing is sitting around watching some BrandPlus TV programming and eventually sleep. This means, all that is wasted energy which is transformed into fat.

Eating too many fruits again is like pumping in sugar into your body all at once. We all know there is the sugar level that our bodies keep standard, so with too much fruits you may just end up tampering with that. P.S: It is okay to have Guacamole at night, it is made up of natural fats and has low sugar content.

These have been my thoughts on healthy eating, and just to reiterate, yes, my thoughts and you may need to see a professional nutritionist for further advice. I hope I have been of great help to those who want to start eating healthier. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, so EAT



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