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The holiday season is almost here, and I’m sure you plan on travelling with your loved ones, but the question is how can you travel, have fun and still save your coins? Here are some tips on how you can travel on a budget:

  1. Book in advance

If you plan on travelling by flight, train or any other means of transport, you might want to consider booking in advance. Last minute bookings will only cost you extra money.

Still on early bookings, don’t fall into the lie that insinuates that you have a whole lot of hotels to choose from. Here’s the thing, the higher the demand, the higher the prices. During the holidays as people rush to book hotel rooms, the prices will also be inflated, forcing you to take more cash out of your pocket. So, if you are planning on traveling on a budget book your hotel room in advance.

  1. Do in house cooking

While it may sound strenuous having to cook while on vacation, this could go a long way in helping you save your coins. If your accommodation offers private catering and has a kitchen, it would save you a lot to get your own groceries and prepare your own meals. This will also be helpful if you’re on a strict diet or have food allergies.

  1. Find alternative eating spots

Also, if your room doesn’t have a kitchen, you don’t have to pay for the full board package. You can pay for the bed and breakfast package and find an alternative cheaper place for lunch or dinner. Make sure you take full advantage of the all you can eat breakfast platter though!

  1. Share the costs

Last but not least, the more the merrier. It doesn’t hurt to ask a couple of friends or family members to tag along. You’ll not only have more fun but you will also get to share costs, reducing the financial burden you would have had to carry if you were travelling alone. Additionally, look out for travel and booking packages that have special prices for people travelling as a group.


By Caroline Ngithi


When asked to define who we are, most people talk about their career, status and physical appearance. However, not much thought is put into describing our inner being. And self-love is an essential part of this.

Self-love is having a deep understanding of who you are and accepting oneself, flaws and all. It is about knowing your values and your boundaries and honoring them. It helps you with your interpersonal relations because people choose how to react and treat you based on how you treat yourself.

So why is it important to practice self-love?

  1. It provides you with an inner happiness, confidence and peace of mind that is not easily influenced or swayed by external events and opinions.
  2. It enables you to make healthier choices in all areas of your life from your intimate relationships to your finances.
  3. It boosts confidence in self, allowing you to celebrate other people’s wins without envy.

In a nutshell, self-love is a prerequisite to loving others. Your relationships are only as strong as the foundation of your self-love. Drop any belief you may hold that loving yourself is selfish or egotistical and replace it with the truth that loving yourself is an integral part and requirement of your life.


  By Kelly Weils

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