Bringing Back The Passion In The Kitchen

Let me start by sharing a bit about myself and the kitchen. A few months ago no longer than
three months, I really hated cooking and everything that involved the kitchen. Then out of the
blues it happened, the chef bug bit me. One afternoon, I was home all by myself with no one to
cook for me; that would be my mom or big sister, so I had to force myself into the kitchen and
fix myself something to eat. Have I mentioned I was hungry and craving something sweet? I
would have walked to the mini-market and gotten myself bars of chocolate or a piece of cake but
unfortunately the downpour would not let me. So, I simply had to cook or heat the left-over
‘githeri’ and eat it but no, I was not in the mood for ‘githeri’ and the aftermath, a growling
tummy is as unpleasant as ever.

I took an old recipe book and selected a recipe for a snack that not only looked amazing on the
accompanying photos but I also had all the ingredients within reach. I was happy I had seen mom
cook this a couple of times when she forced me into the kitchen to help. I’m glad I recalled some
of the steps plus all the information I had on the recipe book.

Before I get to share the recipe that forced me back into the kitchen plus what brought back my
cooking passion; it’s important to note that you will only enjoy to cook what you actually enjoy
eating. I confess I have a really sweet tooth and I enjoy cooking anything that you will mostly
find in the dessert section of the menu.

So here we go;
CHOCOLATE PANCAKES (3 people recipe)
6 table-spoons flour
1 table-spoon cocoa powder
1 table-spoon baking powder
2 table-spoons sugar
***Mix the dry ingredients first before introducing the wet
2 eggs
½ cup milk

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, ensure the eggs are properly bitten before adding them
to the dry ingredients until a perfect paste is formed to cook the pancakes.
TIP: let the pancake paste spread by itself on the pan, do not smear with a spoon or fork, you
will notice bubbling on the pancake this means that it’s well cooked, flip it over and let the upper
side dry as well before adding oil. After both sides are dry add oil to give your pancake a crispy
brown finish. Repeat this process until all the pancake paste is finished. Patience is key for best

Serve with honey syrup and fruit toppings, be rest assured to leak your fingers.



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