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What makes us, us? What makes us who we are? Now that’s the million-dollar question…which, of course, is easy to answer. What makes us who we are is everything that surrounds us: from the friends we hang out with to the family we cherish, from the school life we dread to the work-life we casually step into, from the childhood experience we had to the trials of adult life we get to experiment with…. But that’s not the topic at hand, we are here to speak about Culture Swap.

Let’s start with something that’s a bit obvious before we get to the juicy part…shall we?

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to weddings, well… apart from the “I do” part and the cuisines and drinks. There an excitement that comes up when the bride is welcomed by a group of women, singing traditional wedding songs to welcome her…and the whole fiesta entices other women to join in.

But who has noticed the words are becoming more unfamiliar, there’s more humming and dancing to the song than there is to the actual singing of the song? Okay, maybe it’s me… but what about the introduction of modern music at weddings? Don’t get me wrong, I love modern weddings, but the truth is, we are losing our cultural heritage that our ancestors had cherished.

Let’s not go too far, there is a “new tribe” The Nairobians who are born in Nairobi but have little/no clue of their mother tongue (native language), prefer white-collar jobs than blue and most likely than not, have little clue of their traditional cuisines.

We need to dig a bit deeper into the past… most work done by our ancestors were blue-collared…think of the blacksmith, farmer, hunter, herbalist, warrior, and the likes…and they were known for their skills and hard work. But look at us now, rushing for the next big company to be part of their labor force, ashamed and maybe clueless of the juakali industries. Yet ironically, that’s where the money is at.

Shall we take a stride into memory lane? Name 5 best restaurants that you wouldn’t mind killing your budget for…now, how are their Menu? Any African cuisine in there? I bet 80% of the list has exotic or non-native food. Hold up! We all know the reason behind all this is the fact that restaurants are meant to break the normalcy of what we eat (African dishes) at home.

But the fact remains, there are a few African Restaurants as compared to fast food and exotic restaurants, and most importantly there are fewer choices in the African Cuisine Menu. Why isn’t there githeri samosa or Fish BBQ pizza or Matoke pie? Why aren’t we integrating African Cuisine into the modern art of cooking?

….am I way off…..or do you agree with it?   For some I bet, I’ve given them a business idea, which will only cost you to follow us on our page and comment if you think this is all crazy and messed up.

There is a lot that we can talk about, but this is supposed to be ‘food for thought’ kind of thing… but ask yourself this one question, are you Kenyan by blood or by culture.


Maybe I’ll be in a calm and peaceful state as I write this because we’ve all failed. Yes! Don’t blame the person who did the crime only. Look at their environment and see if there was a probability of a different outcome if someone did something differently.

Apparently, this is not the topic at hand…my job is to give intel of the change or omission of roles within the society. In the first case, how many people have noticed that women have all of a sudden began to take their sons to be circumcised? Right…whose role was that supposed to be for? Okay then, what of single mums, aren’t male relatives meant to guide and train their sons for them to have a father figure in their lives?

Secondly, how many mothers out there go to the kitchen and train their kids to cook, train their kids in terms of household chores? How many women out there advice their kids in terms of moral conduct, relationships, dangers of sponsors, marriage and the likes. This is no attack, this is a call for awareness. That if we don’t change how we raise our kids as parents then our children will be lost to the world.

Maybe I’m being too harsh….But look at the outcomes that are happening right now… the killing of our children by rich older men either by homicide, STI’s or depression caused by deprived lifestyles and statuses. Our children are killing each other and themselves either due to depression or heartache? Our children are destroyed by drugs, excessive and uncontrollable intake of alcohol, unprotected sex, unnecessary or addictive gambling, and other gruesome acts.

Now we may not be able to control our children’s acts, but we can try and avoid some of the situations they get into. Why not talk about it, why not share your experience with your kids and get to see their views without cutting them short. Why not prepare them by giving them future predictions or forecasts of the consequences to their actions.

What of us as siblings? Do we just cover-up for our brothers and sisters or do we give them advice on what they are doing? Are we truly our brothers and sisters keeper if we don’t ensure that our blood doesn’t go to the wrong path?

Do we all have blame when it comes to tragedies that happen to our youth? Could we have done something to dismiss or make the situation less tragic than it already was?

There is a lot of debate that can come out of this…and if you are a parent and you agree or disagree with this, share your views….get to advice other younger parents and give openers to what is expected.

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