The kind of promotional activities you’ll execute is determined by the type of Line Marketing you choose. Let’s break this down gently by answering one simple question, “What is line marketing? “ It’s simply the group of promotional activities you’ll select to communicate and get the attention of your potential customers.

So there are ways of getting your customer’s attention, which is similar to how you get into a relationship…yeah, it’s that simple, but the wrong move can make have a bad impression. We have three types of line marketing to go through, one being Above the Line Marketing.

So for your first date, well, in this case, your potential customer, you need to build your awareness on your brand and reinforce the emotional concept surrounding your product. The whole concept is to get a better connection with your audience. Make your date laugh, cry, happy, amused…as long they are willingly giving you their attention then “wameingia box”.  And that my friend is Above the Line marketing which will involve mass media channels like TV, Radio, print advertising (magazine, newspaper, and posters), internet and cinema adverts.

Let’s recollect our concepts… Above the Line are advertising activities involving mass media channels and targets general wide reach of potential customers.

Shall we continue???

Now after wooing or being wooed to….there is a need to manage and maintain the relationship. Yes you got him at the palm of your hands, and yes you swept her away…but all in all, you have got to ensure that there’s progress…and it has to be in a personal touch.

And that’s what Below the Line marketing is all about…making sure your customer recalls your Brand and there is a strong relationship between you and your customers. In short, Below the Line marketing is advertising activities that involve Indirect Marketing means for a smaller but targeted reach. Like in a relationship, it’s the small things that count, like checking up on someone, advising one on better life choices and ensuring that your presence is felt. In this case, involve your customers about a new line product or advanced products in the market, get them wild with discount and let them enjoy mini gifts. Let them want to be your advocate by default…


Then there is the perfect match, when there is a fusion of Above the Line marketing and Below the Line marketing, it forms Through the Line marketing. Where you see your significant and how beautiful/handsome she/he is…and you get the feeling of keeping alert of the competitors. In this case, you ensure that she/he is so busy enjoying your love and presence that they don’t have time to look for someone better. In this case, this will mean combining both mass marketing and direct marketing to ensure a loyal customer.




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