Don’t get me wrong on this…. It’s quite normal for someone not to understand your career. In fact, you’re most likely to hear people say, “You’re a marketer…so do you go from door to door selling your products or do you advertise in supermarkets?”

And get this, NO Marketer likes those questions especially if they hold a senior position in marketing. It can be quite offensive. So let me educate you on what’s the difference between the two and why people get offended or upset by that.

Let’s start with the basics, “what is Marketing and what is personal selling?” Believe it or not, Marketing is like a whole subject and personal selling is a topic within the subject. So what does marketing really entail? Marketing is simply the process or a set of activities that add value to a good or service offered. From how the PRODUCT looks like, to the PRICE tagged on the product, to the PLACE or distribution channel used and finally to the PROMOTION used to create awareness and promote more sells.

I hope I’m not losing anyone to boredom because we aren’t close to halfway…. When it comes to Promotion, you’re persuading a customer to purchase the product by giving them relevant information about it. You can use Public Relation, Advertising, Sales Promotion and Personal Selling. Yes, people, we’ve hit the jackpot! Personal Selling is actually a means of promotion, where a salesperson comes and persuades you to buy his product through his presentation. BINGO!!!

Are we done yet??? NOPE….I’m here to make you understand these two concepts because some people think that a marketer can play the role of a salesperson and vice versa. And I’m here to say that it’s impossible. Why? Because the work of a marketer is to understand the need of the customer and ensure that the need is seen or felt in their product. More so, their job is to understand their customers’ sales frequency and get strategies of how to increase that frequency. ON THE OTHER HAND, a sales person’s job is to be a sweet talker/charmer…what does that really mean in business??? To know what the customer wants to hear and observe their non-verbal and verbal communication so as to know how to respond.

And both are important within the business since they are interdependent to each other…Think about it, without the marketers how will potential customers know about your product, yet without salespeople how can you influence both the market share and sales share?

But in the world of marketing, there’s a nature of evolution and change, where what was there 5years ago, might not be practiced today. Think of new concepts such as Telemarketing, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing and CIM (Charter Institute of Marketing)….and where some of these offices are merged.

The lesson of the day, please get to know the trends of marketing….there are interesting facts. I would honestly like to hear comments on Marketing and Sales guru, whether you have an academic qualification or experience qualification…All are welcomed.


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