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Epsd 2 Dr Ahmed Kalebi Managing Partner and CEO Lancet Pathology Kenya

Ng’endo Mwangi speaks to Dr Ahmed Kalebi,Founder of Lancet Pathology Kenya;who is ensuring fast,effective and efficient diagnosis one lab at a time.

Epsd1 Christine Ng’anga, Founder Strategia Advisors

Christine Ng’ang’a founder of Strategia Advisors shares her entrepreneurial journey with Ng’endo Mwangi to highlight the importance of financial literacy and inclusion.

Fashion & Travel


Most times people make the mistake of choosing their Sunday-best- wear while travelling, that is one of the biggest fashion fails I have noted a couple of times at boarding stations. First, comfort is the most important thing while you are travelling, may it be a safari or a flight. Another thing is mobility, your ability to move, how uncomfortable is a pair of tight jeans on a ten –hour flight?

Well, I know I don’t want to be that fashion fail who’s looking like they are going for a meeting instead of a journey. All you need to do is pack up the right kind of clothes and dress appropriately for your travel, here are some ideas I have put together for you.

Best way to dress for a flight have yourself a pair of jeggings/tights/sweat pants paired with a simple tee and sneakers/rubber shoes. Simple, you won’t be as tired on the flight as you would have tight clothes made of heavy material on. Very trendy and stylish as well. Another big plus, is you will not have to keep removing articles of your wear at security checks.

Another tip, avoid unnecessary jewelry while taking flights, unless it’s a private jet, well you know, you have to pass through customs and you will be required to remove all those pieces of metal you’ll have on. Not so cool having to remove your navel ring in public ha-ha (sounded funny as I was typing). The point is to keep it simple and stylish. Minimal make up is also advised, you don’t want your mascara running now, do you? It’s established that best way is to keep it simple while taking a flight, saves a lot of time and you keep your comfort.

Onto another fashion and travel tip; Game Safari. Nothing is as comfortable as going on Safari with perfect gear. We are talking sports bras, tees, tights and a pair of nice boots. The best way to interact with nature is by first being comfortable in your most immediate environment which is the clothing you wear. There is no best way to describe travel like a bush Safari. The benefit of being in comfortable wear is being able to freely move around, climb on the rocks get to see far and wide and let’s not forget having the right kind of equipment to capture the memories; we are talking cameras, a pair of binoculars and any other preferable gear you deem best for your Safari.

Haven’t I been stating the obvious already? So let’s share some of that Safari fashion sense, this is just a list of things that are a must have for you to have a comfortable Safari and an enjoyable one for that matter.

Anti-glare sunglasses; assuming the sun is up high and burning. This will help you retain visual and also protect your eyes from the sun’s unforgiving rays especially if your light sensitive. Tights/combat khaki trousers; you want to be able to move around maybe jump, climb on rocks, have some fun, do what took you to the game. Have an adventure. You don’t want to be a sloth coz your dress is too tight to move so you miss all the fun. Save the dresses and the official trousers for the office. It’s time to have an adventure so let’s keep it that way.

Sports bra; the ladies will agree with me on this and don’t be shy bras are the most uncomfortable things to have on a busy day. I prefer sports bras. It’s like having on a tight ves that you don’t even know you are wearing. That’s just how comfy sports bras are and I would recommend this for ladies on Safaris.

Pair of protective boots; we all know in the bush there are dangers, thorns, snakes twigs so many things can hurt you in the bush. Having the appropriate shoes for such surroundings will save you a lot of trouble. At least from snakes bites and thorns.

Well, that was it for today on our Lifestyle blog; fashion and travel, try some of these tips and see the difference on your adventures.


Poverty Eradication Starts With You & Me

One of the greatest challenges we face as the world is extreme poverty. This has  been a topic which has been talked about so many times and a project undertaken by so many organizations but there seems to be no solution to eradicating it.

Most people out there do not take this seriously. Let me paint a picture for you. You have a chance to choose whether to take cereal or sausages for breakfast. You have a choice to attend school online or in person. You have a choice on whether to put on a sleeveless top or a long sleeve shirt. I mean, we can call your life okay. Now did you know that there are people who go a whole day without having anything to eat or drink? Did you know that there are people out there who have never been to a class before and cannot even spell their names? Did you know that there are people out there who do not have a wardrobe to choose a shirt for the next day?
What do we call this person’s life?

If you asked me, I would say poverty eradication starts with you and me. It starts from an individual level. It starts with our day today activities. For example, we can start by not wasting food. This problem starts right at home, when you serve a lot of food which you are unable to finish, it goes straight to the trash. Statistics state that the amount of food that is wasted in Africa is enough to feed three million food insecure people in Africa. The next time you are about to waste food, remember these statistics.

If you have clothes you have probably not put on in the last three or four years, then you should probably consider giving them out to people who do not have clothes for themselves. Donate them to a church or to a foundation, they will get to someone who will really appreciate them.

I specifically address the youth here. You do not have to work in an office to be considered employed or to be respected in the society. Currently, the fastest growing industry right now is agriculture but no youth wants to get their hands dirty back at the village. Your creativity too can open doors and make you earn a living and support your family but no youth wants to believe that. All the youth are after is quick money. It is always said, that even though you are born poor, you do not have to die poor. We should all learn that nothing comes easy. We should learn to think globally and act locally.

I am not a genius but I know that if I play my part and you out there play your part; we will eradicate poverty one person at a time. To the organizations attempting to eradicate poverty, your efforts are highly appreciated.

Ng’endo Mwangi

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